Monday, March 10, 2008

Interview with a 'Business Week' Vampire

Former Business Week writer Sarah Lacy coughs up an interview phelgmball in this public forum SXSW chitchat with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

I've had bad interviews. But at least, I didn't publicly humiliate myself. Poor woman.

That being said, here are some tasty snippets from Media Bistro Fishbowl NY's transcript:

2:21: Lacy accuses Z. of having 'hurt look on your face like, 'Waah, I was talking.'' New Yorkers behind us: 'This is mad awkward.' She's talking to an intelligent billionaire like he's a five-year-old. Wake up Lacy, we're in Web 2.0 and Z's since cleared kindergarten.


2:43: 'Speaking of management changes, you've had somewhat of a revolving door.' Zing! Clearly Lacy's reading Might we recommend some of our fine service articles on interviewing?

2:44: Lacy: 'I think it's good that you fire people when you they don't mesh. People should do it more often.' Great, Sarah. You're fired.

2:53: L. reveals that Z. has bound books on site and where it's going, dating back through four years. He writes them in longhand. Lacy thinks this is sooo significant, persists in making it about her declarative baloney. We know more about her than we will ever in 18 lifetimes care to know, and too little about the real sensation in our midst.

2:54: Lacy accuses Z. of giving her another 'Leslie Stahl moment' to which he sweetly shoots back: 'You've got to ask questions.' Audience goes nuts, with cheering and applause, bonding over their mutual hatred of her. This is as feel-good a moment as they come.

2:56: Z: The part of the story you left out is that I destroyed them..
L. 'You burned them. How dramatic is that?'
Z: 'I did not. You made that up.' Audience goes crazy. If Lacy gets out of here without having anything thrown at her, we'll drink 11 more coffees within the hour. Wait, that sounds good.

2:57: In response to booing, Lacy whines to crowd: 'You try doing what I do for a living.' Every day, every way. lady.

Updated to add: A few techies have lambasted the backlash of Lacey as charges of sexism.
MyBlogLog founder Eric Marcoullier says, "I think some of the there's some degree of sexism. Because she's a chick, her ingratiating nature is taken as ass-kissing. If it were some guy at Forbes asking the same questions in the same manner, we just would have thought he was drawing Mark out."
Lacy twitters, "Seriously screw all you guys. I did my best to ask a range of things."

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