Sunday, August 31, 2008

I should've seen this one coming

Even though I'm a rabid sufferer of Clinton Derangement Syndrome, I've recently unearthed my bepenised feminist sympathy pills. And for Sen. Clinton, Sarah Palin's nomination is like a Christmas Day turd. Yes, Sen. Clinton is still a race-baiting corpo-fascist, but I know a Christmas Day turd when I see it.

This one stinks to hog heaven.

I thought Republicans were afraid of The Vagina. They spend so much of their time cowering in fear, trying to own it or get back inside it. But White Male Penis Power™ generally dictates that imperialism and the clutches of victory outweigh the inevitable counter-effects.

This presidential race mumbo jumbo is like pulling off the Band-Aid motherlode. Somebody make it quick and painless.

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