Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Five Minutes with Lukestar

Fritz: Your CMJ Music Marathon set at the Cake Shop last Saturday was pared down by trigger-happy stagehand fascists. I'm so sorry. Should we go kick some ass and take names?

Truls Heggero, Lukestar
: No, don't be sorry. The biggest problem is the other bands in the concert. It's not our fault. We did everything up to schedule. It was the proper time and we did everything right. We were given 40 minutes and everything, but it was not our fault. They should've been stricter with the other bands.

: Did you get the full 40 minutes, at least?

Truls Heggero, Lukestar
: No, we didn't. But that's okay. We traveled all the way from Norway and spent all of our money. But I think people liked it. I'm really really happy. It's New York; I'm from Norway. I've never really been outside of Europe before.

Fritz: What do you think of America?

Truls Heggero, Lukestar: (points to the milieu) It's like this. (laughs) America is good. The people here are really, really nice. I don't think that American people are that different from us.

Fritz: So what have you been up to this week in NYC?

Truls Heggero, Lukestar
: I bought a guitar at the Music Center in Manhattan. I went to the park. I'm a wilderness type of guy. I really don't care that much about skyscrapers. They give me the creeps...so I haven't been into the real Manhattan. I've just seen it from a distance. I've done a lot of tourist stuff in Williamsburg and Brooklyn. I bought a lot of records.

Fritz: Do you have any American influences?

Truls Heggero, Lukestar
: I liked Guns N' Roses and he liked Metallica and we just merged. Of course, we like Sonic Youth. And I like a lot of folky things as well. Tiny Vipers, I like a lot. I really liked the things she had before she recorded the album for Sub Pop. The earlier demos sound much better, I think. I like Marissa Nadler a lot. We actually went to see her yesterday in the Williamsburg Music Hall. She's a friend of ours. We booked a couple of concerts for her in Oslo. (pauses to look at a Hummer on the street) What the fuck is that? (laughs)

Fritz: It's says Housewives Next Door on the panel.

Truls Heggero, Lukestar
: It's cocaine. They're selling cocaine...Our main influences are American bands and some English as well.

Fritz: So do you have plans for a full American tour in the works?

Truls Heggero, Lukestar
: We had a meeting with Flameshovel who is putting out the record. They said that they want some tour in March. We've been talking about it before so it would be in time for SXSW. We're going to do an East Coast and West Coast tour sometime in March. We're recording new music in December. We are going to have a single out in spring and a new album in autumn, I think.

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