Thursday, July 10, 2008

That's not a harpo bulb horn in my pocket...

In shameless self-promotion whore news, check out my latest sex advice column "Dating Advice from Clowns" over at Nerve:

My first girlfriend landed a sweet job in Los Angeles at a publicity firm. She said that she wanted to try the long-distance-relationship thing, but I'm not so sure. Can long-distance relationships work?
If you and your Hollywood-bigshot-ladyfriend have open minds, polyamory is an option for geographically challenged couples. For instance, I tour constantly. Six months away from a New York lover would mean a diabolically suppressed sexuality if I didn't find other lovers to fill the gaps. Everybody's got to be on board (she'll find some serious LA action, too), but it is possible. You've seen how many clowns we can fit in a little car — you should see how many fit in a twin bed.

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