Friday, January 30, 2009

••• Apes & Androids @ Music Hall of Williamsburg, Jan. 30 •••

Dear PBR-chuggin', Future Date Rapists of Amerika: Happy Superbowl weekend!

While yer wipin' the orange dust from Cheetos fingers and relishing cutesy har-har sargasms from the latest Madison Avenue turdballs, I'll be recovering from my night out with Apes & Androids.

Conga-yacht rockers Vampire Weekend look like a malignant mole on Dom DeLuise's poop chute next to A&A's unironic Jermaine-worthy falsettos, fuzzed-out synth brews and Korean drum circles.

Their self-released debut album Blood Moon is a Ziggy Stardust post-modern clusterfuck.


“Creepy Girls” is more or less a break up song written a long time ago. We'd been performing it for a while and waiting for the right time to put it on tape. When it came time to record, the whole thing was done in two days. That's not usually how we work, but this time it just all came out on first takes and everyone recording just kept nodding and saying, ‘Yes yes!’ It was pretty awesome.

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