Friday, January 09, 2009

(Are You) Happy Now?

The Manhattan Project is about as lifeless as a cracked out McDonalds pleeb and about as humorously vapid as a Night Court marathon.

What's been chafing my gonads lately? Well for starters, I don't have enough fiber in my diet. Ever since I dewedged myself from president-elect Barack Obama's asshole, I've been born anew with strains of libertarian socialism and Christian anarchism dancing 'round my head.

Last week, I scrounged around in the 86th Street Dunkin' Donuts garbage bin for the love of Freeganism—on CNN, nonetheless—and soothed my nerves with the discordant anarcho-punk of Reagan Youth.

The reason Reagan Youth donkeypunches Sid Vicious' hairless chodes? No. 1: Lead singer Dave Rubinstein (born 1964, died July 3, 1993) be all up in the Religious Right's biznass, tramping around with the subtlety of an opium-snorting pacaderm in Waterford's. (cough: See "Jesus Was a Communist" below.)

No. 2: Reagan Youth is chillaxin' with this anti-racist, womyn-lovin' ideology. (A rarity in the hyper-masculinzed circle jerk circles of punk rawk.)

And finally, their music is the perfect soundtrack to the Reagan-era: full of snotty sneers, brash guitar stabs and What'chu talkin' 'bout, Willis? insolence.

The re-formed Reagan Youth plays ABC No Rio this Friday on the Lower East Side.


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